To meet the cutting edge slitting rewinding machine entail of the flexible packaging industries, we an eminent organization of printing and converting machinery has brought an advanced slitting rewinding machine. The design of our machine incorporates supreme quality unwind, slitting section and rewind section, in which unwind is normally braked to maintain accurate tension in the material which causes sluggishness when starting to unwind a heavy roll or when the material is tension sensitive. In the slitting section we concentrate the quality of the slitting object to provide the defined edge product, whereas the rewind section to rewind the role.


We are the Slitting Rewinding Machine manufacturer, supplier and exporter located in Ahmedabad have made 500+ successful installation of the rotogravure printing machine, flexo printing machine and converting machine in all the states of the India as well as in several overseas countries. Our adherence to the international standards offer an inclusive smooth operation throughout the un-wounding of the material roll, slitting of the roll to the rewinding of the narrower roll has made it the most likable product in the flexible packaging industries.

Our Slitting Rewinding Machine is best executes with:- HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE, HM, PP, PE, PET, CPP Films, BOPP, and Paper

Our Slitting Rewinding Machine best suited for:- Slitting LDPE film rolls, Slitting LLDPE rolls, Slitting HDPE rolls, Slitting PP rolls, Slitting PE rolls, Slitting PET rolls, Slitting CPP rolls, Slitting BOPP rolls, Slitting Paper rolls.

----- Salient Features Of Solvent-Less Lamination Machine -----

Unwinding Section Having lift up and floating type of unwind stand
Pneumatic rubber roller Provides ideal tension isolation
Slitting Razor cutting is used for slitting
Rewind shaft In the surface rewinding it assists in heavy load unrolling
LCD touch screen To monitor the slitting operation
Auto stop Auto stop button is provided for unwind and material exhausted

----- Optional Features -----

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