Solvent Based Lamination Machine

To meet the diversified need of flexible packaging industry we have brought solvent based lamination machine in which solvent based adhesives are used during the lamination. The choice of the solvent based adhesive is based upon the environmental resistance, temperature resistance, oil and plasticizer resistance needed for the respective product. We have a profound knowledge correlated with the each solvent based adhesive used in the lamination machine which enables us to fabricate solvent based lamination machine that executes the best during the lamination process.

We are the Solvent Based Lamination Machine manufacturer, supplier and exporter located in                                                                    Ahmedabad have made 500+ successful installation of the rotogravure printing machine, flexo printing machine and converting machine in all the states of the India as well as in several overseas countries. The Solvent Based Lamination Machine with a perfect and supreme quality coating and low cost has made it the most popular lamination machine among the flexible packaging industries.

Our Solvent-Based Lamination Machine is best executes with:- solvent less adhesive

Our Solvent-Based Lamination Machine best executes for:- BOPP, PE / LDPE / HDPE, PET, CPP, CPE films and aluminum foil, paper films

Our Solvent-Based Lamination Machine best suited for:- Plastic bag lamination, brown paper lamination, flexible packaging lamination, shopping bags lamination, snack bags lamination, self adhesive labels lamination, food packaging lamination, liquid packaging lamination, powder packaging lamination, shrink label lamination.

----- Salient Features Of Solvent-Base Lamination Machine -----

Adhesive mixture and dispenser Used for auto refill and adhesive calculation
Five roller technology Used for Coating adhesive on the film
Nip pressurized roll Ensures bubble free and even lamination
Tension control system Ensures minimum material waste during the lamination process
Shaft less winders Prevents core loosening at high speed

----- Optional Features -----

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