We produce a new generation of rotogravure presses that is driven by electronic line shaft technique (technology without a shaft). High performance PCs with their own intelligent software are used to individually control and monitor each printing station, including the unwinder, rewinder, in-feed, and out-feed. This software mostly calculates the virtual master position of an electronic line shaft to control each print station independently with regard to speed and cylinder positioning.To match the diversified requirements of our patrons, we provide the comprehensive range of rotogravure printing machine. An extensive experience in the manufacturing printing and converting machines facilitates us to understand the requirement of the allied industries and deliver the rotogravure printing machine which best fits to the customers. The utmost quality of our machine is the result of the adherence to the international standards, austere testing during and post fabrication.The high speed aspect of the rotogravure printing machine has bestow an immense popularity in the large sized flexible printing industry has the large sized projects which need to complete in very short time.


Rotogravure Printing Machine Manufacturer | recognized & demanded brand in the industrial market

The rotogravure printing machine accomplishes the printing using the state of the art laser technology. The rotogravure printing press uses a printing cylinder which has been laser engraved with minute cells capable of retaining ink, the size and pattern of which reflect the required image.

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Printing Possibilities2 Color4 Color6 Color8 Color10 Color
Web Width*500mm to 1600mm
Max Cylinder Circumference350mm to 800mm
Mechanical Speed**150 to 250 meters/minute
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